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According to the TREND weekly leaderboard, Lucron became the second largest residential developer in Slovakia in 2019.

The Lucron specialisation is large, predominantly residential development projects and the creation of integrated urban units. We focus on building entire locales, with the emphasis being on modern and welcoming urbanism, the environment, modern technology and public spaces.

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Lucron designs optimal flatmixes and flats based on years of experience.

We work hand-in-hand with only the best architects, designers, builders and suppliers in order to create modern, elegant and, above all, top-class dwellings. Cooperation with the public and local self-governing bodies are par for the course. On the Slovak market we utilise a vertically integrated business model.

Our projects are planned in the best locations, or alternatively locations with strong development potential. We focus principally on the West Slovakia region. Thanks to the growing number projects, we have found ourselves creating new jobs - both pertaining to the actual constructions themselves, and subsequent to completion, in retail outlets and services.


Lucron is part of the international iko real estate group, originally from Luxembourg, with 30 years of experience in real estate business.

iko real estate

Lucron's stakeholder is an established leader in the real estate market in Luxembourg – the iko real estate company.

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business model of lucron.

A vertically integrated business model contributes to greater flexibility, better efficiency as well as the development and safeguarding of know-how.



We are a socially responsible company. Not only high-quality architecture, but also public spaces matter to us. Therefore, as an integral part of all of our projects, we proactively engage in communicating with the general as well as the informed public and local self-governing bodies.


In 2050, 7 out of 10 people will live in cities. This development is a huge challenge for us to better evaluate and re-discover the ways we live today and how we want to live tomorrow. Lucron likes a challenge and provides new solutions based on thoughtful concepts and ideas. We are insightful regarding our projects, something which allows us to bring the relationship of nature and man back to the forefront.


The sheer number of successful start-ups and completed projects for society as well as the company’s background all serve as testimony to Lucron's Financial strength and stability. The Lucron Group’s stakeholder is a long-time leader in the real estate market in Luxembourg - iko real estate.


Lucron is well-established on the developer front. The portfolio of our group includes several successful projects in Slovakia and abroad. Years of experience with city development and collaboration with renowned partners enable us to bring innovative, durable and attractive solutions to every project.

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