It took several decades for the project of Vydrica to finally approach its realisation. Over all those years, many different plans and alternatives were tabled in order to accommodate the concept of a modern, high standard and nice place reflecting the old days of Bratislava with respect and grace.

The new neighbourhood in Bratislava's Castle District located on the site of historical Vydrica district wants to live up to all standards of modern urban development. The project's sustainable quality goes beyond its local urban meaning and lends this part of Bratislava the continuity it had been deprived of. The wounds of the divided sides of the city centre will be healed eventually making the physical and mental barriers fade away.

The project has the ambition to set example along the path of modern city planning. It is set to bring about visible changes with useful and inspiring spillovers in a broader cultural and social ambient of the city. People are at heart of the project's philosophy. The open-minded attitude of the location will make the tour across the city centre a smooth and pedestrian experience again. In terms of architecture, Vydrica puts great emphasis on the quality of used materials and a meticulous sense of detail.

project location

Bratislava Castle District


63 000 m2

finished in



Compass, šujan_štassel

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