Home purchase is now a great deal with our customer bonuses

08. June 2023
Home purchase is now a great deal with our customer bonuses

Today, new apartments are cheaper than a few months ago. Our customers can now enjoy some attractive bonuses offered at our Rakyta, Nesto and Arboria projects.

Subsidised mortgage rate of 1.47%

The increase in bank mortgage rates has had a cooling effect on the property market. The 1% interest rates that were common in the past are long gone and we are now seeing bank offers of more than 4%. To help our clients in this situation, we have introduced the “Subsidised mortgage rate of 1.47%” as part of the Nesto project in Petržalka and the Rakyta project in Devínska Nová Ves. If our clients opt for this offer, they will receive a one-off payment when they acquire ownership of the apartment, compensating for the difference between the bank interest rate and the subsidised rate of 1.47% for up to three years in Nesto and two years in Rakyta. With this subsidy, for example, the monthly payment for a three-room apartment in Nesto can be reduced from €1,272 to €874. Over a total of 36 payments, this represents a saving of more than €14,300.

The subsidised mortgage is available from our three partner banks, Tatra banka, VÚB banka or UniCredit Bank.

Fixed price, no home appraisal required

When getting a mortgage, prospective buyers can enjoy two additional benefits. “For a loan from our partner bank, there is no need for an appraisal report and you can also get a discount of up to 100% on the loan origination fee,” said Juraj Ťahún, Head of Sales at Lucron.

Moreover, the prices for the apartments are fixed. This means that the contract price remains the same, regardless of the inflation rate and the price of building materials. This principle is applied to all of our projects, i.e. there is no inflation clause in our contracts.

Kitchens included in apartment price

Kitchens are another bonus that can cost thousands of euros, but some apartments at Arboria come with kitchen included. Those who choose to fit out their home themselves will need to negotiate with several contractors. This can be time consuming and success is not guaranteed. This is where our experience as a developer comes into play. We have contracted specialists with many years of experience and a high level of craftsmanship. In addition to the modern and practical design, this offer also includes appliances and their installation. As a result, the whole process is completely hassle-free. The future residents of Lúčna can also choose the colour scheme of their dream kitchen.

Attractive prices

At Nesto, for example, the prices for one-room apartments start from €143,750, two-room apartments from €199,750 and three-room apartments from €229,750. Combined with the option of additional bonuses, this is also an attractive package for those looking to invest.

Apartment prices set to rise in the long term

Property investors know that the property market has long-term cycles, with ups and downs. Over the long term, the appreciation of property has been several percentage points higher than annual inflation. Therefore, we can say that investing in property has always been and will always be a good investment. With the incentives we now offer as a developer, the purchase of an apartment in one of our projects is a really attractive investment option.

The Nesto project in Petržalka.
The Rakyta project in Devínska Nová Ves.