Lucron was founded in 2005 under the auspices of Luxembourg investor Eric Lux. At a time when the development market in Slovakia was still being formed, we wanted to do things differently than most of our competitors. From the offset, we banked on stability – which may not have made sense in the short term , but the correctness of this decision is now clearly visible today.

One of our first projects – Eden Park – proved to be very viable specifically because it was not designed for today, but for the future. Our activities gradually took on dimensions and pace, and our experience helped us grow step by step – stable and sustainable before it became modern.

From the offset, we tried to look around the corner and pay attention to every step – because we believe that the inconsistency takes the shape of a boomerang. And we stick to that to this day. We cannot see into the future, but we can think into the future. We are proud of the projects we have successfully implemented, we are looking forward to Vydrica and Nesto, and we are thinking about what is to come after them.

Eric Lux
Zoltán Müller

Board of Directors

Zoltán Müller
Chief Executive Officer
Slavomír Habánik
Development Director
Zuzana Müller
Legal Director
Lukáš Dlugoš
Financial Director
Ivana Černáková
Chief Operating Officer
Juraj Ťahún
Commercial Director