Sales of the best Vydrica project apartments launched

18. November 2021
Sales of the best Vydrica project apartments launched

The most valued apartments at the heart of the whole project with a view of the Danube and the central square, which will be dominated by a national cultural monument – the Water Tower. Vydrica is a new location under the castle which will bring residents intimate housing and active life in the centre of Vydrica.

The V4 apartment building at the heart of Vydrica

The total number of apartments in this unique apartment building is only 21 – with each providing a pleasant and intimate living environment for their future owners. There is a maximum of three or four apartments on each floor, each of which will provide an even higher standard than the other apartments in Vydrica. Mostly larger three-room to four-room apartments are available, but we also offer two two-room apartments. Each of the apartments has its own balcony or terraces which provides a comfortable space for a pleasant sit – overlooking the Water Tower, the Danube and the new square.

A unique solution is catered for by the three-room apartments on the 4th floor with balconies overlooking the Danube. The front gardens will be located on the highest street – Oeserovo Row – which forms the border of the residential area and the castle grounds. So fulfilling your yearning for having your very own green garden in the city centre may no longer be just a dream, but can become a real part of your new home for new homeowners. For the complete range of apartments, please visit the website.

The dominant feature of the whole project is the Water Tower national cultural monument

The oldest reports of the building which served as a guarding ford across the Danube date back to the 11th century. Although its above-ground masonry is medieval, recent archaeological finds from the Celtic-Roman period on the castle hill and in the castle grounds provide strong arguments for reconsidering the dating of the oldest part of the Water Tower. In cooperation with Bratislava City Hall, we are actively preparing an architectural competition, the results of which will be known in a few months. Our close cooperation with the city was carried over via the signing of the memorandum last October – in which we pledged sensitive and high-quality handling of this space.

Fragments of the Kempelen aqueduct and the two ice pits located in close proximity to the Water Tower will also be preserved. In the past, the pits were used to store ice from the Danube and served as refrigerators. Both ice pits will be revitalized and integrated into the overall project concept. The environmental friendliness of the project and the accessibility of public spaces will be par for the course.

The location – combined with quality urbanism and architecture that takes into account the historical context of this locale – creates an interesting district that will bear all the hallmarks of an authentic and lively setting.

VYDRICA DEVELOPMENT, a.s. was established as a joint venture by two companies – the owner of the land – Vydrica, a.s. and the Lucron development company.