Vydrica Designers concept presented

15. May 2023
Vydrica Designers concept presented

In cooperation with four top Slovak designers, Vydrica presents a unique concept – Vydrica Designers, showcasing four approaches to interior design. Romi Klimeková, Silvia Brna, Alan Prekop and Erik Pastucha have all designed interiors for different types of clients.Each apartment bears their unmistakable style, bringing the best of contemporary Slovak interior design to Vydrica.

The four apartments designed by the four designers are situated on one of the storeys of the V4 building, which is to be built in the heart of Vydrica behind the restored Water Tower historical monument. Each apartment combines originality and prestige, and makes use of the finest materials available on the market.

“We meet our clients every day and we know that buying an apartment is not the end of their housing journey, quite the opposite. Most of them, especially in the segment of premium new-build apartments, are also very meticulous about the interior design, as it reflects their lifestyle and status. It’s no longer just about shopping for furniture in chain stores; today’s clients are cooperating with architects and interior designers directly. After seeing an expert’s interior design, many people discover what their apartment has to offer and how to make the best use of it, while also being able to adapt it to their personal taste,” said Juraj Ťahún, Head of Sales at Lucron, explaining the concept of Vydrica Designers.

Under the Vydrica Designers concept, the client automatically receives a design tailored to the specific layout of a particular apartment. As a seal of authenticity, each apartment comes with the signature of its designer, thus introducing the designer’s unmistakable style into the authentic design in a way that makes the owner feel comfortable.

Vydrica Designers – the very best of apartments and interior design on offer

The Vydrica Designers concept presents the best that Slovakia can offer, in terms of the portfolio of apartments and interior design. Each of the designers has been tasked with creating an interior design for a specific client type: Silvia Brna designed for a young family with two children, Romi Klimeková designed an apartment for a successful middle-aged businesswoman, Alan Prekop created a “man cave” for an active young man, and Erik Pastucha worked on the interior design for an older married couple.

The prices of the selected four specific apartments in the premium intimate residential complex within the V4 apartment building is around EUR 1.25 million. In addition to the specific layout of apartments, which can be partially adapted, the designers were also given a price ceiling of EUR 300,000 for the completed interior, including the brickwork, tiling and carpentry work, as well as the fittings and furniture. Clients can opt for a turnkey solution based on the project documentation prepared by architects and designers, and the costs of the interior are not included in the design price, or in the apartment price.