Vydrica obtains building permit for first stage buildings

28. July 2021
Vydrica obtains building permit for first stage buildings

The unique Vydrica Bratislava suburb project is entering the next phase. In addition to the necessary work pertaining to the strengthening of the castle rock and the rendering of the infrastructure and utilities network, we had obtained a building permit for the first stage buildings. The construction of the first buildings is set to commence this year.

Vydrica will complete the missing – and for many years neglected – part of the castle grounds, extend the Bratislava promenade, and seamlessly connect the waterfront with the castle. The area will be transformed into a new city district bearing all the hallmarks of an authentic and lively city, whilst at the same time respecting the genius loci of this unique location. Several historical monuments – which the investor will preserve and revitalize – will denote historical significance. “We are very pleased that alongside the completion of the first stage, we will hand over to Bratislava residents a piece of lost history in the form of restored Ice Pits that were once used for food cooling, a revitalized Gunpowder room and a replica of the Kempelen aqueduct outlet”, said Zoltán Müller, CEO of Lucron – one of the two investors.

The Educational Playground included in the first stage will be dedicated to Bratislava inventor Wolfgang Kempelen. “The space in the western part of the area – which has the working title of “Kempelen Park” will be one of the largest public spaces in the Vydrica project and features a multitude of greenery. We are co-operating with the State Nature Conservation Society on the selection of suitable vegetation, and we are planning on planting exclusively indigenous – i.e. domestic – plants. The interpretation of Kempelen’s water supply system and other works of his will be made available to the public in the Educational Playground in an interactive way” added Vydrica co-investor Juraj Rehák.

In the four low-rise apartment buildings in the first stage, there will be a total of 207 apartments of high quality and material standard. The apartment buildings will include the well-thought-out concept of ground floor retail spaces intended for commercial operations, restaurants and cafés. The office space will be concentrated in one building located closest to the General Ludvík Svoboda Embankment. Construction of the first stage of the project will begin in the west of the Fishermen’s Guild and end in the east at the Water Tower. The Water Tower should become the central point and cultural and social heart of the whole project in the future.

“We regularly communicate with the Bratislava City Hall about the restoration of the most valuable listed building – the Water Tower. After signing the Memorandum, in which we committed ourselves to work as sensitively as possible with the historical value of Vydrica, we are preparing an architectural competition in collaboration with the city, the winner of which will participate in the future design of the Water Tower,” stated Zoltán Müller. 

The completion of the first stage is to be in the course of 2024.