We cannot see into the future, but we can think into it

05. April 2022
We cannot see into the future, but we can think into it

We introduce a new strategy of the Lucron brand, but it is not entirely new. We have been following its principles since the company was founded, but only now came the time we decided to communicate it externally too.

In Lucron, we have been focusing on stability since the very beginning. Rather than fast expansion, we have always been more attracted to healthy and gradual growth. We knew that our mission is not a sprint but a long-distance run. In the case of long-term plans, it is extremely important not to look to what’s right in front of us, but beyond that. Ideally into the future. We cannot see into the future, but we can think into it. And this is what we have always done. In relation to our clients buying housing in our projects, but also our partners.

Our new strategy, which, however, we have been following for years, is Thinking ahead.

We do not know what is ahead of us, but we know it will be good

Thinking ahead, or into the future, means two things, and we identify with both of them:

1) Being a pioneer and bringing new things to the market that others do not dare to or even think about. But we are no empty visionaries dreaming about the future. Our decisions are always based on reason, sound judgement and data. So even though we bring pioneering ideas, we always know what we are doing. We are minimising the risk of failure through rationality and hard work.

And by that, we are getting to the second dimension of Thinking ahead.

2) We always think at least one step ahead. We assess everything from the long-term view, and we do not consider instantaneous success to be a good argument. We are not thinking about our projects only in the context of the present, but we want them to work in 10 or 20 years too. Sooner or later, a firm’s unfairness, inconsistency and shortcuts will get back to it.

Fairness as a business model

This mindset is also reflected in the values that we have adhered to since Lucron’s beginning. Today, they are an integral part of our DNA.

We believe in sustainability that will benefit the generations to come.

We believe in responsibility that helps us to be sensitive to our surroundings.

We believe in reliability that helps us think about every single detail.

Along with making our philosophy official, we have decided for a gentle facelift of our identity. Following our strategy, this is an evolutionary shift that only highlights what we as a company believe. The facelift includes a new website.

Besides a clear definition of our philosophy and a modification of our visuals, we wanted to highlight this milestone in Lucron’s development with something special. We spent a long time thinking about what our values and the Thinking ahead philosophy would look like in a materialised form. And now we have an answer. It was created for us by a world-renowned sculptor and university teacher Štefan Papčo. Watch the video to see the Thinking ahead philosophy in 3D. You can read more about Štefan Papčo, his work and the process of creating the Thinking ahead artwork in this interview.